While working in the art world, I have met a lot of people that call themselves artists, and on the rare occasion I get the opportunity to meet an individual that is truly an artist, that lives and breathes their individual expression and is creative in everything they do.

Suzie Pindar is an artist in every definition of the title. She does not limit her creativity to any one medium, but expresses herself in anyway she can,from painting to photography, to collage, to painting on her bathroom tile. Her creativity is raw, unique and true to herself.
The work she produces is often experimental, wild and surprising, while always having a touch of innocents to it that captures our deepest emotions. Suzie is a woman I admire not only for her talent, but her bravery as an artist.
- Tina Ziegler





Testimonials about my artwork viewed from the Public Quirky, Dreamy, Inspiring, Edgy,
Real by Anonymous Empathic, Cathartic, Beautiful, Thought Provoking
- By Anonymous

Suzie Pindar is a fascinating Artist. Her work is reflective, confessional, explorative,

raw, real, sometimes confrontational and challenging, at others nurturing and lullaby-esque.
She tears the sticking plaster of every emotion to reveal the truth'
- By Jewels Johnson / Founder of Fledgling Arts Collective


To me your art is: Urban, Raw, Sensitive, Colourful, Arrogant. Your art discloses a lot about yourself and your innermost thoughts and feelings.
It looks like it represents the real Suzie: the sensitive, caring person whose emotions and values can challenge and possibly destabilise others of less sensitive nature...
Your art shows your ongoing journey through life and your own battle with yourself.
- By Anonymous

Autonomous subjective reverie, Autonomous to do with self government of the work that is made by and about you and your life emotionally and physically in this world. Subjective is based on personal experience and my favourite reverie is vision and dreaming. Your work often takes on another wordly or dreamscape quality. Especially the buidlings and images of streets.
- By Artist Victoria

Things inside and out calling to supressed full feeling.  Sights we see and take for granted.  Are
we uncomfortable in her depths? I love the feeling she feels and enjoy her art journey.  Honest, raw,
feelings, she speaks and writes with passion it creates a stark emotion feeling within myself. I want to
see where she heads next within herself.
- By Anonymous

Bold, introspective, insightful, color-bound, knowing.
- By Anonymous

Introspective, Raw, Honest, Unsheltered, Open
- by Anonymous

I visited Suzie's show in June 'Reflection' it was a personal collection of work, extremely expressive, I was intruigued by a painting called 'RAINBOW'.
I instantly felt that it was created through rain and sun, perhaps tears and joy, and I really wanted it. I ended up purchasing it and it holds a prime place in my home.
- by Anonymous

Deep, Layered, Introspective, Raw, Powerful
-by Anonymous

Unique, Interesting, Creative
-by Anonymous

Bold, Genuine, Vulnerable, Honest, Daring, Introspective
-by Anonymous